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- 2012 June 19

Cortona - Shiatsu in Piazzano

Shiatsu is a manual art to balance energy through physical contact.
Thanks to the pressure of the hands in predefined areas, the 'operator meets and works on energy points of the recipient's body.
This deep contact stimulates the innate abilities of human beings to recognize, analyze and resolve on their own, problems that in some way affect the quality of life.
Shiatsu is not intended as a therapy and can be practiced with peace of mind.
A gift for yourself and for others.

The practice of Shiatsu in Japan began in early 1900 and is now widespread in most of the Western world, where it is consolidated into a discipline-oriented and highly professional work on the person.
The body work, the basic principle of disciplines for the welfare and care of the person, is constantly enriched with all those techniques (massage in various forms) that seeks to increase the quality of life and the resolution of problems caused by stress and the constant attacks that the chaotic life of our time gives us.

New! Duration: 50 min. EUR 79,00