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Wellness Packages: detail

- 2011 January 05


Morning walk A great way to start the day in the wonderful countryside surrounding Parco Fiorito. The walk is preceded and followed by a stretching session. Stretching To promote elasticity and flexibility of the whole body.
Gymnastic Mat-together A correct, balanced posture is the expression of good muscular and articular equilibrium. The Pilates method guides the individual to adopt graceful, co-ordinated movements.
Fitball This is a new way to face mobility at 360° in an enjoyable easy way that improves your proprioception, toning and balance. Useful for reinforcing and stabilizing muscles, it's the "correct" way to achieve your physical wellness.

TBW Total Body Workout
This offers all the benefits of aerobic activity with the addition of work on global toning, either free body or with the use of small equipment.

Your body is stabilized by well coordinated core muscles. Efficient movement coordination provides you with more security in everyday life. When mastering unexpected situations and is valuable protection against injuries. MFT FIT DISK training prevents overloading and one-sided wear on the skeleton and muscles.

Body Blade®
Bodyblade®, the patented, revolutionary workout system for fast, effective muscle strengthening, power development, stabilization and toning, was invented by California physical therapist, Bruce Hymanson.
Single session (1 hour) Euro 20,00 Daily fitness programme Euro 40,00 Weekly fitness programme Euro 150,00 Personal trainer 50 Minutes (max. 2 pax) Euro 90,00

Soft gymnastics in water In the pool, a sweet muscular and articulation reawakening. Recommended for people who have particular pains in the vertebral column.

Aqua tonic Activity in pool with the help of small equipment to improve muscular tone.
Aqua gym Gymnastics to improve elasticity and muscle tone.
Single session (50 minutes) EUR 20,00 Daily fitness programme EUR 40,00 Weekly fitness programme EUR 150,00 Personal trainer (Euro 20,00 per person; Min. 3 Pax) EUR 90,00