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September 30 2015


So you call the Franciscan monastery which is located five kilometers from Cortona, 550 meters above sea level at the foot of Mount St. Egidio. S. Francis, Brother Elias, B. Guido, B. Vito dei screws and other followers of the saint built the first nine cells in 1211 at a place called since then with the name "cells", where in the mountain creek there were small dwellings of hermits or peasants and where there was a church heritage Lombard invasions dedicated to the Archangel St. Michael.

cell of St. Francis
It was probably at this point that St. Francis dictated, four months before his death, in May 1226, his testament.
Frate Elia, after the death of Francis, which took place in Assisi October 4, 1226, he retired to Cortona in 1239 and, finished the church of San Francesco, the hermitage brought considerable renovations and ensured its properties to the Franciscan community itself. He broke the stones of the caves, he extracted a small oratory, ancient monks' dormitory. Behind you left the cubicle inhabited by San Francesco, pulled out of rough but solid walls and built up eight bedrooms, where it enters a bed, a wall mounted ironing table and a chair. This was the ideal retreat described and wanted by St. Francis himself, as a contemplative expression of his order.
After the death of Brother Elias in Cortona in 1253 and the complex history of the Franciscan Order, in the hermitage he established a community of " spiritual "or" Fraticelli "who were expelled in 1363 after the excommunication addressed to them by Pope John XXII. The "cells" began a period of abandonment and ruin that ended in 1537 when the hermitage was given by the Bishop of Cortona order of Capuchin friars, who were born just as the third order of the Franciscan family. The Capuchins greatly expanded the monastery and in 1634 built a new church in place of the church of San Michele Arcangelo. The church was dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua, and is in the style simple and humble Capuchin of churches and altars of wood without precious works of art. Currently the place is inhabited by a fraternity of 7 brothers who are still in the time ' inherited experience of prayer by St. Francis. logisitca Availability : Il Convento can accommodate within young people in vocational research with a commitment to participate in the whole life of the fraternity. Next to the convent there are two "houses" of a total of 40 places for self-help groups. spiritual Availability : Fraternity "Le Celle" offers to priests and religious the opportunity to spend some time in solitary prayer (From one week to one month) in a small hermitage, called S. Michael, situated on the flat top of the relief woodland overlooking the Convent. For more information visit the website (from which the images are taken).

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