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October 03 2015


The Palazzo Sorbello, from the 16th century, has belonged to many different and noble Perugian families until 1780, when it was purchased by the Marchesi Bourbon di Sorbello. The remarkable entrance of the palazzo is a rare example of external wood flooring, unique in Umbria and rare in Italy. This type of flooring is composed of little blocks of Cerro wood, with curved angles. It was used to reduce the noise of the carriage entering in the palace.
At the top of the grand staircase is the noble residence of the Marchesi, where the rooms are adorned with frescoes highlighting the palazzo?s bent ceilings. The Palazzo Sorbello is decorated with furnishings and lamps from the 18th century, and also many works of art and treasured books.
Belonging to the expansive art collection are landscape paintings, portraits of family, and important paintings of Italian and foreign artists like Carlo Labruzzi, Francesco Appiani, Alessio De Marchis, Pietro Benvenuti, François-Xavier Fabre, of Flemish artists and the Carraccesca School. Together with the paintings are prints of different subjects and times of the rare Tuscan proverbs of the 18th century engraver Carlo Lasinio. The historical library shows off rare editions like the remarkable Spaera Mundi, an astronomy composition from 1478, (one of the first printed works), the Encyclopedie Française of Diderot and D?Alembert (edition from 1770) and the original edition of the Tragedies from Vittorio Alfieri with an autographed dedication of the illustrious poet to his friend Marchese Diomede Bourbon di Sorbello.
The palazzo also holds an impressive collection of porcelain. Featured in the showcases, the museum highlights the noteworthy example of the Ginori table service from the 19th century and an original Chinese porcelain service of the Qianlong period (circa 1775) which marks the family crest and some Meissen and Dresden figurines that were handmade in Germany.
The last room of the museum is entirely dedicated to the Ranieri di Sorbello Embroidery school, founded in 1904 by Marchesa Romeyne in the Villa del Pischiello at Lake Trasimeno. The school produced its embroidery works, until 1934, unique pieces that now are collected and appreciated treasures.
Every year at Casa Museo, there is an exhibition that features a very valued (historically and artistically) work that comes from the collection of the Ranieri di Sorbello.


Monday to Sunday 10.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m

(The last guided tour starts about 30 minutes before the closing time)


It is possible to call at any period to reserve customized tours for groups after opening hours.

Reservations can also be made for a breakfast, buffet lunch, or cocktails and appetizers in the vaulted frescoed salon of the Palazzo Sorbello or on the terrace overlooking Perugia and the countryside.

TICKETS (guided tour):

? 5,00 per person (free for children under 12 years old)
? 3,00 per person (for groups of more than 8 people)
? 3,00 per person with Etruscan Well ticket or Perugia CARD
? 2,50 for disabled people with certification
? 2,50 per person with ICOM Card

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