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September 30 2015

Siena Tour

Siena, one of the best preserved medieval towns, is located in the heart of Tuscany. The walls that enclose the city seem to have protected its gothic architecture, culture and local traditions. Sometimes it appears that life in Siena  has been unchanged for centuries... Scratching the surface of Siena

Half Day Tour

We will meet for our walking tour near the church of S.Domenico, where  is kept the relic of the head of S. Catherine, patron Saint of Italy, who was born in Siena. We will continue our walk to Piazza Salimbeni, seat of the oldest bank in Europe which still has its headquarters in the city. Walking down to via Banchi di Sopra - part of the old Francigena road, leading the pilgrims from England and France down to Rome - we will arrive in Piazza del Campo, one of the world's most unique Piazzas, shaped like a shell,  its ancient Palaces, its big tower built in 1325. During our walk I will explain the history of Siena and how it is built on three hills and divided in separate districts, the Contrade,  as it was in the medieval times. The rivalry that exist among them is played out twice a year in the Palio, a bareback horse race that is run in Piazza del Campo, and point out the palaces where wealthy families lived.?We will then walk up to the Cathedral,  a stunning example of gothic-Romanesque style built  in the midldle ages in black and white marble, with golden decorations and statues. In front of it is the Hospital of S. Maria (now a museum) built to treat the pilgrims walking down to Rome and already existing in the year 1000.  On our walk back we will stop at the house of S. Catherine, where her family lived when she was born in 1347. Along the way, we will stop for a typical Sienese snack, and a cafe.

Full day tour

You will cover the main itinerary of the half day tour but we will also discover the  hidden treasures walking through the atmospheric maze of narrow streets. This will include the visit of the old market place with the vegetable gardens which are within the walls and were used to feed the city during the wars, the Jewish ghetto, the Basilica dei Servi  with its stunning view over the city and the visit inside the Duomo,  and S. Maria della Scala, the hospital in front of the cathedral which has been  restored recently and is huge and full of treasures. We will stop for lunch and sit down in a typical Trattoria to break up the day.
Prices do not include meals or entrance fees into museums.?Transportation is included.  Pick- up at your Hotel or in a familiar meeting place.?Reservations will be held with a credit card, and paid in Euro at the time of tour.?You will not be charged for cancellation if made 30 days in advance.

HALF Day 9,30 - 1,30
Per Couple 185,00 EUR
3 people 70,00 EUR each
4 people 60,00 EUR each
5 people and more 40,00 EUR each
Full Day 9,30-4,00
Per Couple 225,00EUR
3 people 80,00 EUR each
4 people 60,00 EUR each
5 people and more 50,00 EUR each

"Doumina, Just wanted to let you know that the four of us had a great time on our wine tour with Chiara.  She was so charming and willing to share information and stories of the wineries and the Italian country.  It was a very special time.  So nice to feel that we were just having lunch with friends on their deck.  You have an amazing network of the finest people working with you in every aspect of your business! Thanks again for everything! It was a lovely day!"

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