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Wellness Packages: detail

- 2015 September 07

Wellness Parcours

Wellness Parcours


Use of Hammam, emotional shower and relaxation room or "limonaia" - Jacuzzi and chromotherapy Single session for 2 Pax (50 min.) Euro 50,00 Weekly program (6 days). Euro 140,00


The turkish bath
is an application of water in the form of hot steam; basically it takes place in an isolated environment and waterproofed where you are surrounded by a cloud of saturated steam at a temperature of 45 ° - 50 ° C.
The permanence in the turkish bath can last longer, even if they are the needs and personal preferences to act as a reference.
The turkish bath for its properties is one of the best therapies to combat stress, daily stress, acne, dermatitis and produces relaxing effects. In fact, the expansion of the pores caused by heat facilitates the penetration of the steam and allows the skin to get rid of all the impurities buying brightness, elasticity and softness.
An interesting detail: A single pass in turkish bath can be a great help for respiratory ailments, especially in cases of colds and flu.


A bath tub in limonaia
is the most effective way to regenerate body and mind. The benefits of converge to give relaxation, pleasure and well-being.
The whirlpool is able to prevent problems of an aesthetic nature as well as physical. But it is equally aware of the importance that this plays in the water temperature and the benefits it can determine whether acted with the right criterion: the hot water (37/38 °) is relaxant and promotes circulation, while the Cold has a tonic-stimulant and can increase blood pressure.
The air bubbles and the water flow instead compress and decompress tissues, bringing benefits to the blood and lymphatic circulation.
The legs become lighter and less swollen and the dreaded cellulite is reduced due to the water pressure massage, which helps drain fluids. But the tub has many other virtues linked to the possibility of focusing the jet action on specific parts of the body
 tight areas, fights obesity and problems associated with the use of oral contraceptives, reduces tension and sexual fatigue, fights rheumatism, arthritis, gout, respiratory fatigue and insomnia. The skin is toned, it smoothes and relaxes.
In the presence of our 4 geysers these benefits are enhanced
. But the hot tub is a real source of wealth for the mind.
The pressure of the massage stimulates in fact the release of endorphins, which stimulate nerve fibers, generating a sensation of pleasure and relaxation.
1. The first rule is
... do not use it every day. Well yes. To make the skin smooth and toned we must immerse yourself in the hydromassage jets for more than 20 minutes and practice 2-3 times a week.  
2. Make a scrub (exfoliation of the epidermis with a specific cream) before you "dive" into the water, thus eliminating all the dead skin cells.
3. The ideal temperature for a relaxing bath is between 32 and 37 degrees while the water pressure should be moderate, to prevent a possible rupture of the capillaries.
4. After a bell'idromassaggio a good tip is to relax for 10 minutes wrapped in a bathrobe to allow the pressure, altered by heat and massage, to return to normal. 
Our music selection in limonaia gives the Harmony for Regenerating Body Mind.
5. Finally, a 
bath completed, after drying is necessary to moisturize the skin well with the cream that you will find in your bath room.